Gabriella VS. Winter


Let me tell you why I do not like winter.

Not because it is cold. No, I am not a fan of the cold, mainly because it is the opposite of warm, but I can deal with it.

I don’t hate winter because of the ice. Yes, ice is not cool. I have been told that even sighted people can’t see the ice sometimes, so i guess I don’t feel so bad. Although I’m proud to say that the ice wasn’t a major problem for me this year. It really didn’t catch me off guard: probably because I’m incredibly used to running into things as it is, so I’ve mastered the art of catching myself and pretending like it’s all good.

No, the thing I ate most about winter is the snow.

The snow and I have gotten in many fights this year, and the snow has won a majority of them. We do not get along well. IM going to stop referring to the snow as if it is living, because it deserves no respect from me. The snow has confused me, gotten me lost, and turned everything I thought I knew up-side-down more times than my music therapy textbook. The only difference is, I respect my textbook.

I have been told that, at least in Ohio, if someone shovels their sidewalk, they are able to be sued, but if they do not, being sued is not a possibility. This means that there is no incentive for someone to shovel their sidewalks.

I think it is incredibly sad that our society has come to this. The saying, “No good deed goes unpunished,” is becoming a harsh reality.

My college campus is centered around a lot of residential streets, meaning that a majority of the sidewalks were not, and legally did not have to be, plowed. Consequently, I could not use them, as I could not find them.

The sidewalks were level with the grass, so I could not tell where I was walking. And, for anyone, but especially someone who is blind, walking in the street was not a safe alternative. Therefore, for many weeks, I was unable to walk to my classes, and had to use a van provided by my university. While I am incredibly grateful that I had such an option, I hated it.

I am not a natural outdoors person, but one thing I will never again take for granted, is the ability to walk places.

The snow took from me a small piece of my independence and choice, and every day that I decided held even the smallest possibility of me walking instead of riding, I took. And every day, from now until forever, that I take myself to my destinations, I will aggressively and happily appreciate.

When I have my guide dog next year, I will return to the snow with an unmatchable vengeance. Yes snow, you should be scared; I know how intimidating I can be.

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One thought on “Gabriella VS. Winter

  1. As an Ohio homeowner, I have done some research about the liability of clearing the snow on the sidewalk. The idea that a homeowner can only be sued if the sidewalk is cleared is a rumor and it is false!

    This article explains it well:

    I think the reason people don’t clear their sidewalks is just laziness. They don’t have to use the sidewalks themselves, so they don’t clear them. I wonder if that would change if they knew it would help your mobility?


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