When Will I Learn?

mobility cane handout 1

Typically, in the lovely world of “music school,” when someone says they have tendinitis, it can be assumed that they got it through intense practicing of their instrument or through improper use when playing said instrument. I’m pretty sure I didn’t get it from overusing my instrument. The vocal chords don’t involve too much wrist and arm movement. I would be more likely to develop nodes like Chloe in Pitch Perfect. Even though I play piano and guitar, I do not come close to playing enough to cause this problem. So here is my theory:

When using a cane (you know, the blind people stick), I am supposed to move my wrist back and forth so that I can make sure that there is absolutely nothing in front or to either side of me. As I walk, the cane is supposed to make a tapping sound on the ground as it moves to each side. So when I step forward with my right foot, the cane is supposed to tap the ground in front and to the left, to make sure it is safe to then step with my left foot, and so on. So here’s the super funny next part: I don’t do it the way I’m supposed to, kind of like everything else in life.

I don’t like my cane to make the tapping sound, because then people can hear me walking, which is actually part of the purpose of doing that. I don’t want to draw attention to myself, so I make my wrist very stiff as I move it so that I can prevent the cane from hitting the ground. Also, the rhythmic tapping is so annoying. I don’t like when things make unnecessary sounds, like the cane tapping, or my phone talking when I don’t want it to, or the fact that my color identifier doesn’t have a volume so it shouts out colors and I feel the need to cover the speaker with something to make it quieter. Wow, I’m getting a mild OCD vibe from myself as I write this.

Long story short, I don’t relax my wrist, causing me to use my cane improperly, and am now suffering the consequences. Moral of the story: Do things the way you’re supposed to because there’s always a reasoning behind it. I know what you’re all thinking, and no, I will probably not stop using it the wrong way. I still hate the tapping sound. It makes me uncomfortable knowing that people can here me walking. Good thing I’m getting a dog soon. Maybe then i’ll use my cane the right way. When will I learn, the world may never know.


*Image from A Different Kind Of Vision Blog


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