San Francisco Bound

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On May 17 at 5:40am EST, I boarded my flight out of Cleveland, San Francisco bound.  We finally took off around 6:20am. It was a VERY long flight, so I really didn’t enjoy it at all. The entire flight all I could think about was arriving at Guide Dogs for the Blind. When the flight was FINALLY over, I was assisted to baggage claim where I met Hope, a volunteer for Guide Dogs. She helped me with my luggage and we were on our way to Guide Dogs for the Blind in San Rafael, CA.
She was incredibly nice! She even stopped at the Golden Gate Bridge on the way so I could get pictures. After 40 minutes or so we arrived at the Guide Dogs campus. It was so exciting! After a few minutes, she took me to my room and showed me around the rest of the campus. This place and the rooms are literally amazing.  Did I mention they have professional chefs on staff?  Well, the food is amazing!!  All the staff and volunteers are incredibly nice and the entire place just has a very happy feel about it.  Later I was able to meet all of my classmates.  They are all quite a bit older than me, but they are such a great, nice group of people.  Not much else happened, but all I can think about is getting to meet my dog tomorrow.
FYI… This whole time change thing is really messing with me.


2 thoughts on “San Francisco Bound

  1. you must be getting tired by now,why don`t you think about resting on sunday? i will come and say hi and if you feel like it we can do something. the sun is supposed to come out. it might be a good day to spend with freesia and me right there on campus.


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