Say Hello to Freesia!


I can’t believe it, the day is finally here!  I got to meet my new best friend today! My partner in crime! Her name is Freesia and she is a black lab.  I’ve never been so happy! She is amazing. Freesia is actually quite small for a lab. I was told that she is around 50 pounds, and about 19 inches long.  She is considered full grown, so she shouldn’t get much bigger than this.
We got to walk around the campus a little bit together this afternoon, and it was definitely a new experience. There was an instructor with me the entire time, but I still had to put my trust in her that she would get me where I needed to go safely. She was amazing! Many times, she anticipated my commands before I gave them. Occasionally, she gets distracted by people or other dogs, and she tries to pull me, so I must pull back on the leash and correct her. She has been pretty well behaved so far though. I can’t wait to begin building our relationship and getting to know her better. We’ve had a lot of bonding time today and we’ve enjoyed every minute of it. I will definitely have more to write tomorrow, as we are going downtown to begin training.

Sorry for the brevity of my posts but since I’ve been so busy I don’t have as much time to write.  I will continue updating my blog throughout this journey though, even if it’s just a quick update.


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