Training Day 3


Thursday, May 21
Freesia and I did our route to the coffee shop again. I basically remembered the entire route. Freesia remembered some of it too, and sometimes she’d turn before I told her too. Her doing this was okay sometimes, but sometimes it was important that I stopped her and gave the commands for the turns, not only so that I could practice, but so that I could have a better handle on the path we were taking.
Freesia likes to make her own decisions. Sometimes this is a good thing, and sometimes it is not. Once I come home, it will be good that she will most likely remember which sidewalk leads to the conservatory, as I will no longer be using a cane to find it. However if she thinks I’m going to the conservatory when I’m really going to the student union, I’ll have to correct her. She is very smart in anticipating my commands however, and that works to my advantage. Occasionally she’ll ignore my commands and try to take me in a completely different direction than what I’ve told her, but this just means I must give a correction. She is also very chill and loves to sleep just as much as I do. That’s why we get along so well I think. Although she is very relaxed, she also has a lot of energy. It sounds kind of contradictory, I know. She also likes to lick a lot: my face, my hands, even my legs sometimes. I can’t decide if I like it or not. Sometimes I think it’s adorable, other times it’s gross.


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