Training Day 4


Friday, May 22
We worked on our route again this morning. Freesia and I did great! I got us there and back and no one died: the true sign of success. My instructor was still with us observing. Sometimes she gave comments on my handling, or she would give me insight as to the things Freesia was doing.
When we got back to the school, before lunch, I learned how to play with Freesia. I was given toys for her, and told what she could and could not have. I found out that Freesia does not like playing very much. She doesn’t like fetch. She doesn’t like tug. She won’t play with balls. Basically, she does not like toys, and I will probably not be using the ones they gave me much. My instructor said that she never found Freesia to be interested in toys, so it’s not just me. However, Freesia does like to play with me and wrestle. She likes to roll around the ground with me and lick my hands and face. I guess that’s how she’ll get out all her energy.
Later, we went to the mall to practice getting on and off elevators, and walking up and down stairs. I was fine with everything, but going down the stairs is a little scary at first. It kind of feels shaky, so I held on to the railing.
When we got back to campus again, I learned how to put booties on Freesia. These are for use in the snow or on escalators so that her feet don’t get cut. She did not like them at first, but I gave her some treats and played with her a little and she was happy again. They’re a tiny bit difficult to put on, so I am most definitely not looking forward to winter! Escalators are okay though because we only have to put the booties on their back feet. Tomorrow we actually get to practice escalators.


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