Second Week of Training

Monday, May 25
Yes, it was Memorial Day, but that didn’t mean we weren’t still going to train.
Freesia and I did a new route this morning. We went to East San Rafael this time. The route was from a coffee shop to a grocery store. Actually, the two places were literally right next to each other, so my instructor made up a longer route to get us there. During the route, there was a large grate in the sidewalk that was very wobbly and loud. Freesia and I walked over it and it made a very loud boom sound. Freesia got scared and ran, pulling me forward. I felt really bad because I completely understand why it was scary, but I laughed at her uncontrollably. Her reaction was hilarious. My instructor and I took her back over the grate and praised her and gave her food to make it a more positive place, but when we did the route again that afternoon, we walked on the other side of the street to avoid it.
I took Freesia out to the play yard so we could run around and play together. I heard her bark for the first time. The funny part is that I had just finished reading her fun facts from her puppy raisers. One of the facts that they wrote was that they had only heard her bark a total of two times. In the play yard, I heard her bark for the first time, and then two more times after that. It is a loud and deep bark. I definitely did not expect something like that to come out of my little Freesia, that’s for sure.


One thought on “Second Week of Training

  1. hey G,sorry about my unscheduled departure.I can explain ,but not right now…..what you got going is super and so are you so i hope you allow me to take part in some small way.keep on truckin.bye


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