Home at Last

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Long time no… write.  If you want, I can make up an excuse for why I haven’t blogged. “I’ve just been so tired.” “I’ve had no time.” I’m all about honesty though. I was being a lazy college student this week and did not feel like sitting down and writing. I’ve actually ignored most social media all together. I’d say I’m sorry, except I already said that this blog is all about honesty…
I am sure you are all wondering about Freesia, yes? No one wonders about me. I’m doing terribly, thanks for asking. I kid! I kid!
Freesia is adapting well to her new home. We’ve only walked around the neighborhood a few times, and she already knows where home is. On Tuesday, we went to my Grandparent’s house so they could meet Freesia, and after sitting at the house for a while, we walked around the block. Walking back, she led me right to their driveway. She is so smart and continues to amaze me daily. We also went to the mall to walk around. We walked for about an hour, and when we were done and close to the entrance we came in, she took me directly to it without my prompting.
She has really taken to my siblings, and they her. I can only imagine the disappointment when they realize that she has to go to college with me. Through my family and I, she is becoming a little less hesitant during playtime. It’s a slow process though.
I’m so incredibly grateful that I was able to train at Guide Dogs for the Blind. The school was amazing, the staff and volunteers were so friendly, and the training and facilities were incomparable to anything I’ve experienced. I cried last Saturday when I spoke at graduation, and it is on video forever, but I refuse to ever acknowledge that fact ever again. My puppy raisers, the people that raised Freesia until she was old enough for formal training, were such amazing people. They were so nice, and Freesia is lucky to have had them. I am so grateful to them, and I am glad that I can stay in touch with them about Freesia.


3 thoughts on “Home at Last

  1. We are happy to hear that you and Freesia are doing well. She’ll learn to play with you and your family in her own way. She would be most playful in the mornings and evenings with us, but she is happy to just be with you wherever you are. We feel that Freesia is so lucky to have you – a no better match could have been made!

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