Growing as a Team


Hello semi-interested blog readers,
I would first like to acknowledge that I am fully aware of my horrible communication skills these past few weeks. I’m pretty confident when I say that I have not responded to a single email, checked Twitter once, or posted any updates to anyone whatsoever. The lack of responsibility has not been lost on me, don’t worry. I will throw myself back into life tomorrow: starting with doing some laundry.
Now on to the stuff you care about:
I’ve only been home with her for 1.5 weeks, and she is already visited the mall three times, the grocery store three times, Target, a blood drive, and most notably, my college campus. One of my main focuses with her has been speed. She tends to walk incredibly fast! This is completely okay when we are on our own because I like to get places quickly and on time. However, when I’m in a store or a mall with friends and family, it is quite inconvenient when she has walked 15 feet away from them while they are running behind me trying to keep up. I often have to pull back in the harness to get her to walk slower, but she is beginning to understand that when we are walking with people she should walk at their pace.
When I went to donate blood, she was very well behaved. While waiting for my turn to donate, a woman asked me what Freesia’s name was. I told her, and the conversation then followed with questions about my training experience. Not once did she asked for my name and I thought it was quite funny that it didn’t seem to occur to her. When it was my turn, Freesia sat there the entire time waiting for me. When I was finished giving blood and began feeling sick, she stood up to attention as if I needed her to do something for me.  It made me feel good.
On Monday morning, I left freesia in the living room with my mom while I went to go get dressed, As she was relaxed and I did not want to disturb her. She was fine for the first minute or so, But she then got up and began to walk around the house. She went to the front door, then to the stairs leading to the second floor. She then walked back to where my mom was, and again began her search with more urgency. She ran around the first floor and stopped at the stairs leading to the basement, where our room is. It was at that point that I came upstairs and she was incredibly excited to see me. She does not get nervous in my room when I leave her alone, however I believe that it was offputting for her to see everyone except me in the house. I’m very glad that we seem to have established a relationship in which I am much more prevalent and familiar for her than I was in the beginning.


One thought on “Growing as a Team

  1. Thank you for keeping this blog!! I am in the puppy club where Freesia is raised and it is always so wonderful to hear about the puppies going to such great homes and all their adventures! I hope my current pup gets paired with someone like you! I look forward to reading about your experiences!

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