Show Me The Money

2015-07-09 22.00.38-2

That awkward moment when you give someone 20 dollars when you only meant to give them $5.
A question that I often get asked is: how do I know the difference between my dollar bills, since they all feel the same. There are a few ways that a person who is blind can do this.
The first is through a phone app. There are a few app options out there. I’ve encountered a free app called eyenote
It really didn’t work well for me. There is another $10 app called Look Tell Money Reader, but I never really felt confident enough to buy it due to the very little success I’d had with the other one. I also found that an app was inconvenient for me, especially when things needed to be done quickly. I’d have to unlock my phone, find and open the app, and try to get the camera to capture the bill.
Instead of an app, I use a device called iBill
With it, I can slide my money in to a slot, hit one of two buttons on the side of the device, and it automatically tells me the dollar amount. I can have it speak the amount aloud, use a serious of patterned beeps, or patterned vibrations. I really like to avoid unnecessary talking from the devices I use, so I have it set to vibrate with different patterns that denote each dollar value.
There is also a system to help keep the money organized once it has been identified. 1’s are left flat, without any folding. 5’s are folded short-ways, like the hamburger style they teach in elementary school. 10’s are folded long-ways, hotdog style. And 20’s are folded twice short-ways, and 50’s long-ways.
I really should start using this system, but it’s that whole lack of organization thing again. Plus,  wallets are not made for unfolded dollar bills and wacky folds, at least not ones I’ve found fashionable.


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