Freesia Goes to College

Move in day

Move in day

I know, I’ve been MIA for the passed few weeks. Life has been a little crazy and I had no idea what to write about. Thankfully, my girl Freesia has offered to help me out and write a post.


WOW! College is the best thing ever. It’s basically a place full of humans who all want to pet me! My human pets me all the time, but it’s just not the same as being pet by a brand new friend. Sometimes my human-I think her name is Gabriella, or maybe it’s Hey Girl,-won’t let friends pet me and it makes me sad. I have to work when my harness is on, and when people start petting me, I sometimes forget to remember that I’m working; I think that makes Hey Girl sad.

I love working. one time, my human didn’t work me for a week because it was very rainy. I don’t like getting wet, and I don’t think Gabriella likes the rain much either. Not working for a few days made me feel pretty bummed though.She works me every day in college. there are a lot of days when I have to work for a long time, and I start to get super tired, and I just want to go home and play.

I like playing too. It’s hard to play in my room because it’s a lot smaller than my old house. I love when my human takes me outside to play with other humans. Sometimes one of my human friends throws my toy and says, “Go get it Freesia.”

I don’t understand this game. Why do they want me to go get the toy? You threw it; go get it yourself. But whatever. I try to help them find it by walking to where it landed, but it is not my job to pick it up. If they want it back so badly, they can get it themselves. They better get it because that’s my toy, and I’m not about to lose it. Once the humans stop throwing my belongings, I like to run around, because running  is my favorite game. I like to check on Gabriella every time I finish a lap. I wouldn’t want her to leave without telling me.

I don’t get to play all day like normal dogs. That’s because I am special. Other dogs come up to me when I’m working, but I tell them I’m busy. Well… sometimes they REALLY want to play, and I get a little distracted.

I also get a little distracted by food. I’m pretty sneaky. Sometimes I pick up food and eat it before Hey Girl even gets a chance to say, “Freesia! Drop it!” But she must be pretty sneaky too, because mostly she catches me before I can eat things.

I have to go for now because I’m incredibly tired. Today was extremely hot and I’m trying to enjoy the indoors. I would wag my tail in farewell, but I’m just so exhausted. If you come close enough though, I may lick your hand, in case there’s something good on it.


8 thoughts on “Freesia Goes to College

  1. I love your blog! As someone who got to watch Freesia grow up it is so nice to hear how well she is doing, and I LOVE all the info you share. I hope my puppy who is at GDB in formal training gets paired with someone as awesome 🙂

    And Freesia, good job!! So proud of you for remembering all your training and doing such a great job! Good girl not fetching or being distracted by other dogs (well mostly)!!

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  2. Hello, Gabriella, I once had a dog named after a flower, too – Jasmine. Freesia is going to love being at college with you. I’ve heard that that dogs don’t like going out in the rain because it intensifies sound for their already strong sense of hearing. I’m not sure about that, though. You’ll have to ask Freesia. I have two cats and I write about them in my blog, among other things. It’s fun writing from an animal’s point of view and putting words in their mouths. I hope your time at college is a very happy one and that you let us all know how you’re doing (in between classes, tests, studying and just having fun).

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