Freesia Takes on Recruitment

IMG_1379Recruitment week.

I’m tired. My tail is tired from wagging so much, my tongue is tired from licking all those people, and I stayed up passed my bedtime almost every night this week. I don’t know if I liked it or not. Sometimes I was really really bored, and I just wanted to go home and sleep in my bed. Other times I was so excited. I got so many pets, and I got to taste a lot of different hands and faces. Yummy!

Recruiting new sisters is so rough. Get it? Because you silly humans think that us dogs say rough. If only you knew.

Anyway, it was hard. I could really use a glass of wine and a new bone right now. Something tells me I won’t be getting that wine anytime soon though. Maybe if I give one of my sisters puppy dog eyes. Gets them every time. For some reason it doesn’t work on Gabriella; I’m still trying to figure that one out.

Hey Girl and some sisters dressed me up for bid day today. Clothes are dumb and I can’t figure out why humans wear them. And I know I’m cute, but I’m a guide dog, not a model. Gabriella is so lucky I love her. Sometimes I can’t quite remember why. Just kidding…

Dear sisters of Phi Mu,

Thank you for letting me recruit with you. I did great so you’re welcome! No need to thank me. I worked my tail off.

Haha, get it! I’m hilarious.

But as I was saying, I need no recognition for my awesomeness, as I already recognize it myself. You women are pretty amazing too. 3 wags for Phi Mu! I love you all, even the ones who are allergic to me. Keep practicing love, honor, and truth. And I’ll practice love, honor, and woof.

I am killing it today!

Your favorite and beautiful sister,



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