Blindness Awareness Month

Hello friends, enemies, lovers and haters.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of October. Most of you probably had no idea that October, while a fantastic month for people who like black cats, blood, costumes and parties, is also World blindness awareness month. You may  not understand why it is not well known. The answer is that National Talk Like A Pirate Day is much more important than raising awareness about blindness, of which very few understand. I mean, I’d for sure rather talk like a pirate than talk about blindness. Although, pirates do wear eyepatches…

Some of you may remember that, 3 years ago, I made a post every day in October, addressing common misconceptions and questions that I get asked about being blind.  I am going to do that exact thing on my blog.Maybe a few of my pages are a little stuck together, but I am basically an open book. I hope that some of you will feel comfortable enough to ask me questions that you may have about being blind, or my blindness in particular. I might run out of things before the end of the month if no one finds the strength to get passed the “awkwardness of asking “your super embarrassing question.” I will not be offended, I promise. So feel free to message, comment, email, or find me in person to ask me anything that you may have been wondering.

Questions are innocent; it’s the answers that are dangerous.


4 thoughts on “Blindness Awareness Month

  1. hi Gabbs,hope you don`t mind the nickname. drive 100miles east and 75 south you come to a town called Gabbs. i have spent a lot of time there. i think of you every time i go. can you play some blues on that piano ? something slow in a four four do you read this letter?


  2. If you ever need help coming up with something to write for this month let me know. I am always glad to help. I have wrote a few articles that cover a little bit about my blindness and things that have happened to me because of my patients. Always here to help Chelsea

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