How do you shop for clothes?

Most days, I probably couldn’t even tell you the color of the shirt I’m wearing. I have a device that tells me the colors of things, and I do use it, but not every day. Even when I do use it, by the time I’ve started my day, I can’t remember the color. On top of that, a lot of my shirts have multiple colors in them. My color identifier won’t specifically say, “pink and black shirt.” It says whatever color I have it pointed at. So if I happen to only point it at the black part of my shirt, I may never know that my shirt has some pink in it.

In general, I don’t have a particular style of clothing that I like. I get a lot of clothes with patterns, designs, and colors in them. Many blind people will stick to straight toned clothing so that they can be certain of the color and be certain as to what it matches with. I like to wear fun and (so I’m told) cute clothes. I get my clothes by shopping with friends and family members that I trust. I wouldn’t dare go clothes shopping by my self. There’s no way I would trust some random to help me find clothes.

Because I refuse to simplify my wardrobe, I have to have a way to make sure that my clothes always match. I haven’t yet found a system that works for me, so I always try to wear jeans or black pants, because everything goes with jeans and black. Maybe one day, I too can wear fun pants, but for now I’ll keep waiting.

The only problem I ever run in to is knowing what clothes qualify as (nice.) I’ve gotten a lot better at this, but when someone would say to me, “Just dress kind of nice for this event,” I’d panic right up until the event. I’d constantly change my clothes, for fear that what I wore wasn’t “nice” enough. Maybe the shirt I picked wasn’t nice. Maybe my jeans were faded and I didn’t know. I’d frantically call friends and family members, asking them to recall my entire wardrobe, and describe to me, in great detail, what I should wear.

A frantic conversation with my mom or best friend may have gone a little something like this.

“Remember that one outfit I wore for that one performance.”

“The one with the grey stripes?”

“How should I know? What the H is grey!?”

“You know, that dress with the thing in the front!”

“Yes, that’s the one I’m talking about.”

“Oh, then yes. Wear that.”

If they said no, then the conversation would continue for another five or so minutes. I know that almost every girl panics when getting ready. The only difference for me is that I don’t even have the option of looking at my outfit in the mirror. Not only that, but I can’t take a good enough selfie to send to friends. First world problems are so tragic.

Every day in October, except Saturdays, I will be posting something related to blindness for Blindness Awareness Month. Feel free to ask me questions about anything related to blindness. I know that more than half of you have some random question that you want answered, so message, text, comment with your questions. If you have a question and are too afraid to ask it, know that my respect for you has lessened. Accept the challenge.


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