Blind Dating

I thought this title was funny because blind dates are a thing.

A friend asked me to do a post on dating. So while writing this makes me feel somewhat awkward, I promised I’d answer all questions.

What is a relationship like when both partners can see?

That is what a relationship with someone who is blind is like at it’s core. Blind people can love and hate. Blind people can argue and make up. Blind people have opinions and aspirations. Those are things that are the basis of relationships. The only difference is that blind people can’t see their partners facial expressions, nor drive for date night. We can’t tell you that you look nice, because that’s dumb. But we believe in personalities, honesty, love, hope, and sometimes outlines of what our friends call “attractive.”

I think that some people tend to assume that the blind date and marry the blind. This is not necessarily true. Some blind people will date or marry another blind person, while others will not. Some blind people even prefer dating other blind people over those who are sighted. However, many blind people date or marry sighted people as well.

I personally don’t go through life hoping to marry some nice blind guy. That is actually not part of the future I imagine for myself. If I were to meet and fall in love with someone who is blind, I would definitely follow my heart. But just as sighted people have physical traits that they want, I have an idea in my mind as well.

I think people believe that blind people don’t judge based on looks, and at some level this is true. We can’t look at a person and decide if they are attractive, but looks are such a big part of our culture, that other people sometimes cause us to be judgmental. This world is filled with so much vision, yet it is so blind.


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