Can I Feel Your Face

Do you like to feel peoples faces?

I am very good about answering all kinds of questions from people, but every time someone talks about this, I laugh at them. I laugh until they probably start to feel a little uncomfortable. And then I laugh to myself some more because, to me,  it is the most ridiculous question.

No, I do not feel faces. I would probably have no friends. If someone came up to me and asked me in seriousness if they could feel my face, I would feel super uncomfortable. Lets start with the obvious. Hands are super gross. Who knows where they’ve been! So why would I, or any other socially adept blind person want to put our hands on someone else’s face.

Secondly, faces are nasty. Sometimes they’re oily, people have runny noses, food at the corners of their mouths, and lots of other unknown stuff. Gross! Who in their right mind would want to touch some random persons face?

Finally, touching faces is useless. It does not give me information about what someone looks like. One face feels similar to the next. Maybe, if I touched your face as a greeting every time we saw each other, and slowly and methodically caressed it for a few minutes, I would have a better picture of what you felt like. While we’re at it, I might as well touch your entire body, because why should we just stop at the face!

The only time I would ever feel someones face  would be if I was in a relationship, if I had a baby, or if I was being funny. So lets take this film exaggerated stereotype and throw it in the garbage.

Every day in October, I will be posting about blindness related subjects for Blindness Awareness month. Feel free to ask questions; I don’t get offended.

What came first: the question or the answer?


One thought on “Can I Feel Your Face

  1. I’m starting a podcast while I’m speaking about experiences such as these. It’s a fun, comedic way to let people know hey, these clichés that you hear about aren’t true. I would love to get in contact with you and have you on the podcast at some point.


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