10 Perks of Being Blind

IMG_1010I needed a stress break, but I’m back for Blindness Awareness Month.

10 perks of being blind

  1. You can sleep in class and your teachers/prof’s will never know. I mean, who’s expecting the blind girl to have her eyes focused up front, or even to have them open? I’d like to say I’m kidding, but those prerequisite classes…
  2. No one will ever ask you to drive on road trips… unless they have a death wish.
  3. And speaking of driving, you will never get a DUI/DWI.
  4. If you have a cane, some enemies, and a lot of anger, you have all the ingredients you need to ‘accidentally’ hit people you don’t like.
  5. You can’t see ugly people. But you also can’t see pretty people. There’s a downside to everything. You can’t judge people based on your opinion of what they look like though, mainly because that’s the one thing you can’t have an opinion on.
  6. You can make jokes about being blind in front of people who are not until they feel super uncomfortable. That’s my personal favorite.
  7. Even if you can see light, as I can, you don’t need it. You will save in the electricity department.
  8. Not using lights means that your neighbors will never be certain if you’re home, so you probably won’t be the door they knock on when they need a cup of sugar.
  9. If your mobility skills are good, you can have a guide dog that can go everywhere with you. Who wouldn’t want to bring a dog to school?
  10. You will never get caught staring at weird people, or people you have feelings for, or that weird thing on your teacher’s face. What weird thing? I don’t know because I can’t see it.

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