Jobs Blind People Shouldn’t Do

If you’re a blind person looking for a job, I thought I’d give you a list of things that you can’t do. Screw all those people advocating that you can do everything, because you can’t.

Taxi Driver

Until someone comes out with blind friendly cars, you will never be one. This includes driving for Uber and Lyft as well. I hope this doesn’t hurt your feelings, but if you have no vision, you can’t drive or get a license.

Self driving cars don’t count because the car drives itself.

Brain Surgeon

I’m sorry, but you cannot operate on other humans or animals. Your lack of sight would make it impossible to be helpful. Although, if someone allowed a blind person to perform surgery on them at this point in time, you would be certain that they truly did need brain surgery.

Judge on Dancing With The Stars

Sorry stevie Wonder, you cannot do this. Let me rephrase that: you could not do this unless it was meant to be a joke, or the dancers allowed you to invade their personal space so that you could feel them dance. “Touching With the Stars.”

Sorry Stevie! Hope we’re still cool, even though I don’t know you.


At this point in time, you would crash the plane immediately, unless of course someone guided and directed your every move, with their eyes on you the entire time. Even then, it’d probably be best to have no passengers, as their fearful screams would surely cause you to crash, if your blindness didn’t first.

And finally…

A referee for the NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL…

Sometimes people will shout to refs, ‘Are you blind?’ If sighted refs suck so much, you, the blind person, would do terribly. I wonder if some of the refs in the 2015 NBA finals were blind. Who am I kidding, they must have been. I hope they know “Their eyes are broken,” as my 4-year-old sister would say. But that’s okay because it is not shameful to be blind.

But really, just because someone is blind doesn’t mean they can’t do things. There are limitless job opportunities for people who are blind. There are also limitless obstacles, but those are nothing.


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