Guide Dogs Vs. Seeing Eye Dogs

There is a difference between a guide dog and a Seeing Eye Dog.

Ever since I learned about this, I’ve been noticing more that people often make this common mistake. Guide dogs and Seeing Eye dogs have the same response in popular society. Both are dogs that assist the blind. However, they are quite different.

The school that I got Freesia from is called Guide Dogs for the Blind, and dogs from this school are known as guide dogs.There is another school called The Seeing Eye, and dogs from that school are called seeing eye dogs.  This is the only school for which this is true. Dogs from all other registered schools are properly called guide dogs. The Seeing Eye is a brand, therefore, only dogs from that school can be called Seeing Eye dogs. This means that all Seeing Eye dogs are guide dogs, but all guide dogs are not Seeing Eye dogs. I hope that didn’t confuse you. Just remember, if, and only if, a guide dog comes from The Seeing Eye In new Jersey, it can be called a Seeing Eye Dog. If it comes from any other school, the only proper name for it is a guide dog.

Every day this month I will be posting something for Blindness Awareness Month. Feel free to ask any questions you may have about blindness or the particular roles it plays in my life.

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